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Marcel Vlaandere

Marcel Vlaandere

Owner Classic Suzuki Parts NL

Hello, I am Marcel Vlaandere, owner of Classic Suzuki Parts NL. My company was born years ago from my predilection for these Suzuki-two characters. From the day I was eighteen years old (7-1-1982) I drove and I chose this series over the rest of the engine range. After a GT 250, T500 and GT 750 I have tried other two-wheelers for a while, but after many years I have returned to my old love: the GT 750.

Hopefully we will see and speak to each other personally.

Company history

In 1994 I returned to Frisian Bolsward because of other work. An old childhood friend there had a barn full of GT stuff. He wanted to redo that stock, because his interest now went to a completely different engine area. The collection was so large that after I had first taken out a private stock, I had to advertise it.

As a result, I got enthusiasts from all over the country. I was repeatedly asked why there was no T and GT club in the Netherlands. According to many, given my extensive parts inventory and my contacts, I was the right person to start such a club.

In 1997 I organized the first meeting as a trial. With a rise of 50 men I had long been satisfied; it was 110. As a result of this success, I founded the T and GT Lovers group, which in October 1999 was converted into a real club with about 250 members and we are still growing!

In April 1999 I took the big step myself and officially registered as a motorcycle dealer. Making your work your hobby (because I still feel that way) who does not want that? I do not have any illusions about the size and duration of the T and GT trade. I am still enthusiastic about beautiful engines and parts and if I can work there for a number of years, then I will go for it.

So, I hope you now have a bit of a picture of me and the origin of my company: Classic Suzuki Parts NL.

Greetings, Marcel Vlaandere.